Conduct funeral arrangements with family members to gather necessary information and discuss specific arrangements for a funeral.

  • Remove and transfer the deceased from place of death to our funeral home.
  • Professional care of the deceased, which may include sanitary care, embalming preparation, restorative art, dressing, hairdressing, casketing and cosmetology.
  • File all Certificates, Permits, Affidavits, and Authorizations, as may be required.
  • Acquire the requested amount of Certified Copies of the Death Certificate needed to settle the Estate of the deceased.
  • The providing of a Register Book, Prayer Cards, Funeral Folders, and Acknowledgments, as requested by a family.
  • Compile an obituary and place in newspapers.
  • Make arrangements with the cemetery, crematory, or other place of disposition.
  • Offer the assistance of notifying relatives and friends.
  • Care and arrangement of floral pieces and the post-funeral distribution as directed by a family.
  • Arrange for pallbearers, automobiles, and special services (Fraternal or Military) as requested by a family.
  • Care and preservation of all floral cards, mass cards, or other memorial contributions presented to the funeral home.
  • Guide the family in the cost consideration of a funeral, and not allow anyone to go beyond their financial means in the selection of a funeral, so as to place a burden upon the remaining survivors.
  • Assist a family with Social Security, Veterans, Insurance, and other death-related claims.
  • Assist in the selection of a competent attorney or monument dealer, only at the request of a family.
  • A post funeral meeting, by the Funeral Director, with a family, to deliver such things as the Register Book, Floral and Mass Cards, and to ascertain whether or not they can be of further assistance.

  • Traditional Funerals

  • Cremation Options

  • Direct Cremation

  • Graveside Services 

  • Immediate Burials

  • Memorial Services

  • Traditional service followed by cremation

  • Visitations and Viewings

  • National/International Transportation

  • Pre-arrangement Planning

  • Educational and Outreach Programs

  • Referral Services

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