About Us  

 In 1916, James S. Taggart began his forty one year tenure as a funeral director, and opened his first home on East Second Street in Bound Brook.  As business needs changed, future sites would include homes on Maiden Lane and even later on East High Street, which was the location of the business for over eighty years.  In 2003, the newly expanding home at 225 Mountain Ave., would become the newest location, and is where the business is now located.

Roland D. Chamberlain joined Taggart in 1951.  After Taggart’s death in 1957, Mr. Chamberlain became sole proprietor and changed the name of the home to Taggart-Chamberlain Funeral Home.

Mr. Chamberlain’s two sons, Mark and Paul, became licensed funeral directors and partnered with their father to run the family business; Mark in 1971, and Paul in 1979.  Mr. Chamberlain retired in 1985, and Mark and Paul took over the day to day operations of the business

Having managed the Conroy Funeral Home for twenty-three years, having lived and having raised in Bound Brook, Ed Hagan wanted to continue to serve his hometown and the families that he had come to know.  In 1999, Ed joined the Chamberlain’s at Taggart - Chamberlain Funeral Home. 

Ed and his daughter, Joanna, also a licensed funeral director, purchased a home at 225 Mountain Avenue in 1999, and began a home expansion project.  The project was finally completed in 2003 and the partnership between the Hagan’s and the Chamberlain’s was formed.  The building housing Taggart - Chamberlain was sold and Hagan - Chamberlain Funeral Home, LLC., was formed. 

Together, the Hagan and Chamberlain families continue to serve their home town, Bound Brook, and the surrounding communities.